Frequently Asked Questions


Do you make cash offers?

We don't purchase homes with conventional bank loans. Banks don't lend to buyers that purchase properties in need of repairs. Our offers are 100% cash. That's what makes us special. 

How long do you take to close?

The entire process is organized to close within 10-14 days or less after setting an appointment.

How much can I get for my house?

This answer varies real estate markets are unique. We need to assess the condition of your home, and the comparable homes in the area to make an offer. Our professionals have the most accurate home values 100% of the time. 

How can we leave feedback?

Enter your information and your feedback via the contact us form. Also, you can give us a call to leave your comments. 

Which attorney do you use?

We have a vast network of attorneys. Every area has various legal jurisdictions. Our staff will proceed with the most cost effective and convenient attorney per real estate transaction.